Memorable places

Memento organizes your social media activity into maps and stories.



Memento was created in 2013 to more actively engage people in creating personal, shareable and printable content about the places they like for the people they love. Currently, the service is available to a limited set of users and we no longer accept registrations. For further information, please contact me.

The digital relation between persons and places

Today, most memories of travel experiences are trapped in digital forms, confined to multiple data clouds and screens. Memento transforms your social network activity (Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr and more) into a synthesized personal knowledge about places you visited.


Sometimes you have to forget what you want to remember

The capacity to record our lives might reduce our ability to forget inconsequential factoids which is the way for our brains to optimize the recollection of important things. Indeed, our memory uses abstraction and generalization to forget and better remember. Memento automatically organizes your digital moments into maps and stories for you to better forget and remember.

Somebody's past is somebody else's future

Places are social objects. Edit specific stories and maps to share with people who seek your personal travel experiences and local knowledge.


An antidote to 'digital amnesia'

Our capacity to record every moment of our lives comes with the high vulnerability of digital data. In fact, no machine can today read a 15 years old hard drive. It is ironic that we have the technological means to record and share our social lives, yet we all might suffer one day from ‘digital amnesia’. Memento accomodates your stories and maps to personalized, printable copies that can be stored in a box or shared as a unique type of personal expressive content.

Memento is a service designed and produced by Fabien Girardin as part of a self-supported initiatives at Near Future Laboratory.

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